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Section 3.07. Sanitation and Fire Company Services. Each Owner shall be responsible for payment of the cost of all utilities used for his or her Lot and shall likewise be responsible for obtaining the services of a fire company and trash removal service, unless the Board elects to contract for such services on behalf of the Lot Owners.







Section 4.01. Conveyance of the Common Areas. Declarant shall grant and convey to the Association and the Association shall receive ownership of the Common Areas prior to the sale of any Lot in the Subdivision. Upon such conveyance and grant, the Association shall succeed to all rights, duties and powers with respect to the Common Areas as prescribed by Law, and set forth in the Articles, Bylaws and this Declaration.


Section 4.02. Owner’s Easements of Enjoyment. Every Owner shall have a right and easement of enjoyment in and to the Common Property which shall be appurtenant to and shall pass with title to every Lot subject to Section 4.03.


Section 4.03. Conditional Use of Common Property. The use of the Common Property by the Owner, his family, tenants, lessees or contract purchasers who reside in a Dwelling Unit is subject to the following conditions:


     A. Rules, Regulations and Restrictions. Each Owner agrees that in using the Common Property he will comply with the provisions of the Articles, Bylaws, Rules and these Restrictions.


     B. Delegation of Use. The Owner may delegate  his right of enjoyment of the Common Property to the members of his family, his tenants, lessees or contract purchasers who reside in a Dwelling Unit, subject to such rules, regulations and limitations as the Association may from time to time establish. Such delegation shall not relieve said Owner of his obligations and responsibilities as a Member under the Provisions the Articles Bylaws, Rules and this Declaration.


     C. Easements. Such easements granted in favor of the general public over certain portions of the parking lots, roads and sidewalks conveyed to the Association for ingress and egress from any sales office or model home complex of Developer or for parking incidental thereto.


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