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Developer’s right to post signs incidental to construction, sales or leasing, nor Developer’s right to do anything that it may, in its sole discretion, deem necessary and proper for the full development of the Property.





Unless the context otherwise specifies or requires, the following words and phrases when used herein shall have the meanings hereinafter assigned.


Section 1.01.   Annual Assessments” shall mean those assessments levied by the Association and used  to promote the recreation, health, safety and welfare of the Members and their guests and family, for the improvement and maintenance of the Common Areas including but not limited to the operation and maintenance of the private streets and sewer system within the Common Areas, and for all other purposes set forth in the Articles, Bylaws and this Declaration.


Section 1.02.   Articles” shall mean the Articles of Incorporation of the Association and amendments thereto which are, or shall be filed in the office of the Arizona Corporation Commission.


Section 1.03.   Association” shall mean the Countryside Valley Homeowners Association, Inc., an Arizona nonprofit corporation which shall be formed prior to the  conveyance of the first Lot, its successors and assigns.


Section 1.04.   Board” shall mean the Board of Directors of the Association.


Section 1.05.   Bylaws” shall mean the code of rules adopted for the regulation and management of the affairs of the Association and any amendments thereto.


Section 1.06.   Club Member” shall mean the Owner of a Lot who has the privileges of the use and enjoyment of the Club Property, and who has a duty to pay Membership Assessments for said privileges, as further provided herein.


Section 1.07.   Common Area(s)” shall mean all real property designated as Common Areas A, B, and C on the plat, whether





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