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Section 7.01. Club Membership. All Owners shall have privileges of use and enjoyment of the Club Property. Such privileges shall be appurtenant to and may not be separated from ownership of any Lot. A nonprofit corporation or association or other business entity (“Countryside Community Club Association” or “C.C.C.A.”) has been formed for the purpose of the operation, maintenance, management, administration and improvement of the Club Property. Each Lot Owner shall be a member of the C.C.C.A.


Section 7.02. Use Privileges. The Lot Owner’s membership to the Countryside Community Club shall carry with it the privilege for all members of the Owner’s immediate family, if the same are  residents of the Lot, to use and enjoy the facilities of the Club Property. The name of each Owner and the name of all persons in the Owner’s immediate family who reside upon the Lot shall be registered by the Club Member with the administration of the Club Property or with the C.C.C.A.

         If the Owner is not a resident of the  Dwelling Unit located  upon the Lot, then the privilege to use the Club Property shall be limited to one person for each bedroom in the Dwelling Unit and their names, likewise, shall be registered by the Owner with the administration of the Club Property or with the C.C.C.A.


Section 7.03. Membership Assessments. Ownership of the Lot shall also carry with it and be indivisible from a duty to pay a monthly Membership Assessment to the administration of the Club Property or to the C.C.C.A.  Membership Assessments shall be determined and paid by the following method:

    A. Membership Assessments may be determined by the administration of  the Club Property and charged to the Association which in turn shall levy and enforce the Annual Assessments that are provided for in Article VI and to  which said Membership Assessments shall be added for determination of the Annual Assessment; or

    B. The Club Member shall pay directly to the C.C.C.A, or through the Association if so determined by the C.C.C.A, such Membership Assessments as the board of directors of the C.C.C.A shall determine, levy and enforce for the purpose of defraying the cost in whole or in part of the operation, maintenance, management and administration of the Club Property, which may  from time to time include the cost of capital improvements.


     The assessments contemplated by this Section 7.03, whether levied by the C.C.C.A. or by the Association, together with interest, costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees, shall be a continuing lien upon the property against which each assessment


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